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Royal Purple Max-Gear High Performance Gear Oil (75W-90) - 1 Quart
Exclusive Performance Advantages
  • Meets performance requirements API GL-4 and GL-5 
  • Contains Limited Slip Additive 
  • Perfect for Lower Units of Marine Outboard/Outdrive-Noncorrosive and excellent water and separation characteristics 
  • Great for manual transmissions requiring GL-4 and GL-5 fluids 
  • Meets performance requirements of MIL-L-2105E 
Increase Horsepower Through Drive Train. Greater lubricity increases efficiency and reduces friction resulting in less power loss through the drive train and more power where you want it - at the wheels. 
Maximum Gear Life. Super tough Max-Gear is a versatile, synthetic, noncorrosive, extreme pressure gear oil. It is test proven in high performance race-cars, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles to minimize gear wear. Max-Gear excels in hypoid, positrac and limited slip gears in heavy duty, as well as automotive and recreational equipment for rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. 
Shock Load Protection. The cushioning molecules in Max-Gear absorb gear impact to prevent fatigue and wear. It's great for off road use. 
Cooler Gearbox Temperatures. Max-Gear reduces friction and lowers gear box temperatures, which greatly extends equipment life. 
Saves Fuel. Reduced friction results in greater fuel efficiency. 
Max-Gear is an ultra-tough automotive gear oil. It’s designed to maximize power and provide unsurpassed protection to heavily loaded gears. It makes gears run smoother, quieter, cooler and longer without overhauls. 
Max-Gear outperforms other gear oils because it combines the highest quality synthetic oils with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synslide additive technology. 
Max-Gear is recommended for use in truck, motor home / RV, and automotive front or rear differentials, manual transmissions, and lower gear units of marine engines that specify use of an API GL-5 or GL-4 fluid. All viscosities of Max-Gear are formulated with hypoid friction modifiers necessary for use in clutch or cone type differentials. No additional additives are necessary.

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